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Our Platform Promises

Always at least one solution for your unexpected transport need

All solutions are tracked

24/7 Hotline for real time support

You are a Shipper?

and want to easily find, book and track your on demand transport solution?

Powerfully Simple - Shipment Manager


You are a Carrier?

and want to access to all requests on Europe’s largest on demand delivery Platform?

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What we offer



Redspher provides free tracking system with the ability to connect to all existing tracking systems


Redspher is backed 24/7 and 365 days a year by transport experts, providing the best concierge service in the transportation world


Whether you are a large organization or a small business, you can:

We care
for the world

CSR is a pillar of Redspher’s identity and all members are strongly encouraged to commit to the UN Global Compact objectives: 

enforce Human rights and Labour rights, protect the environment and fight corruption. As a results, we are pleased to show you the first awards that platform members have received based on their commitment towards a more sustainable future. This is only the beginning as we are working on new ambitious projects.

We work for you

The world’s economy is shifting towards an on-demand paradigm. Everything is going fast. As individuals, we’ve gotten used to instant solutions because of the digital world. You want to watch a movie? You can do it instantly. 

Our logistics needs to pick up the pace. We can’t 3D print everything yet but we can rely on a more flexible supply-chain. Whereas it’s an urgent same-day delivery across Europe, or a last mile delivery for a parcel, Redspher has a solution for you.


Redspher’s ambition is to revolutionize and shape the on-demand transport market by integrating its physical and digital dimensions. This requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a constant search for simplicity and transparency.

Redspher is the result of strong growth which has spread to the European level, through acquisitions as well as organic growth.