Europe's most seamless
on demand delivery platform

Bringing together offer and demand

The best place to find book trace your on demand delivery solution

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Our Platform Promises

Always at least one solution for your unexpected transport need

All solutions are tracked

24/7 Hotline for real time support

You are a Shipper?

and want to easily find, book and track your on demand transport solution?

Powerfully Simple - Shipment Manager


You are a Carrier?

and want to access to all requests on Europe’s largest on demand delivery Platform?

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What we offer



Redspher provides free tracking system with the ability to connect to all existing tracking systems


Redspher is backed 24/7 and 365 days a year by transport experts, providing the best concierge service in the transportation world


Whether you are a large organization or a small business, you can:

We care
for the world

CSR is a pillar of Redspher’s identity and all members are strongly encouraged to commit to the UN Global Compact objectives: 

enforce Human rights and Labour rights, protect the environment and fight corruption. As a results, we are pleased to show you the first awards that platform members have received based on their commitment towards a more sustainable future. This is only the beginning as we are working on new ambitious projects.

We work for you

The world’s economy is shifting towards an on-demand paradigm. Everything is going fast. As individuals, we’ve gotten used to instant solutions because of the digital world. You want to watch a movie? You can do it instantly. 

Our logistics needs to pick up the pace. We can’t 3D print everything yet but we can rely on a more flexible supply-chain. Whereas it’s an urgent same-day delivery across Europe, or a last mile delivery for a parcel, Redspher has a solution for you.


Redspher’s ambition is to revolutionize and shape the on-demand transport market by integrating its physical and digital dimensions. This requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a constant search for simplicity and transparency.

Redspher is the result of strong growth which has spread to the European level, through acquisitions as well as organic growth.

Europe's most seamless on demand delivery platform
Bringing together offer and demand
The best place to find, book and trace your on demand delivery solution


Due to the current situation in Ukraine we are unable to perform any services to and from this country. We keep you informed on any developments.


En raison de la situation actuelle en Ukraine, nous sommes obligés de suspendre toutes nos prestations depuis ou vers l’Ukraine. Nous vous tiendrons informés de l’évolution de la situation.

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation in der Ukraine, können wir keine Dienstleistungen in die oder aus der Ukraine erbringen. Wir halten Sie über alle Entwicklungen auf dem Laufenden.
A causa dell’attuale situazione in Ucraina, non siamo in grado di eseguire alcun servizio da e per questo paese. Vi terremo informati su eventuali sviluppi.

Debido a la situación actual en Ucrania, nos vemos obligados a suspender todos nuestros servicios desde o hacia Ucrania. Les mantendremos informados de la evolución de la situación.