Transport industry is a complex and competitive industry where billion dollar companies coexist with small entrepreneurs. Redspher chose the platform approach to create value for all stakeholders.

Why a platform?

Building an efficient supply is an every day challenge. A platform gives you the flexibility you need. Depending on your existing structure and your objectives, your needs may change. Are you looking for a tool, for a team of experienced people, for vehicles? Redspher gives you access to a large array of services revolving around on-demand delivery. All members have been selected because of their added value and the synergies that can be gained with other entities of Redspher.

A platform adds a layer of competitive advantage. Isolated companies rely solely on their services or products to differentiate themselves. They have to be better and/or cheaper than their competitors. The redspher platform gives access to its members to a network based competitive advantage. On top of any individual competitive advantage, all members can join forces with other members to give their clients one solution to their logistics needs. The future of logistics relies on cooperation. One company alone can only do so much. However, joining a platform really enhances the spectrum of possibilities.

What do you mean by: seamless?

Seamless means you can benefit from many different companies of the platform without switching from one website to another portal etc. You can get all services through one entry point, with the same quality and feel overall. Based on your needs and requirements, we will build one solution. This solution might encompass different companies of the platform but you won’t feel it during your daily operations. You will enjoy a consistent experience throughout your journey as a client.